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The Alligator Gar: Predator Or Prey?
Highest Rated Program Of The Evening - WTVS, Detroit & KUHT, Houston Public Television

"This program proves over and over that if you present an audience with a good program about an interesting subject you can’t go wrong, and you have always provided us with good programs about interesting subjects."

Ken Lawrence, Director of Programming - KUHT Public Television, Houston

"You have an excellent series going there. I hope someone gives you a medal for all your effort and for selecting the particular subjects you chose to profile. Our fisheries can sure use a helping hand."

Owen Vaughn, Pres/Technical Advisor - Alternate Species - Dryden, ONT

Sturgeon: Ancient Survivors Of The Deep

"This video provided strong evidence supporting the relationships between these topics in an interesting and informative fashion. I would like to take this opportunity to Thank you for putting together this video. It will serve as a great instructional tool for years to come."

Paul Steinhaus - High School Biology Teacher - Sheboygan Falls, WI

"In addition to this special interest in sturgeon, I would like to use your videotape for our teaching at Guelph. We have major undergraduate and graduate programs in fish biology, and we are always looking for resource material such as this."

Professor Noakes - Director, Axelrod Institute Of Ichthyology - Guelph, ONT

"This is an excellent resource for educators teaching environmental science or biology and would also make a great Christmas gift for anglers and other fish enthusiasts."

Dr. Vadim Birstein - Dec ‘95 Issue - The Sturgeon Quarterly - New York, NY

"It sure was a fascinating film. My readers should find this an equally enticing video."

Larry Van Veghel, Wisconsin Editor - Cuhday, WI - MidWest Outdoors

"We always appreciate fine programs like this for broadcast on Channel 36. Should you have additional programs of interest in the future, please let me know."

Mark Rash, Granbury, TX - Program Director - TV 36

"Please send us a copy of your video, Sturgeon: Ancient Survivors. We will be including it in our Great Lake Superior Learning Kit."

Christa Berg - Lake Superior Center - Duluth, MN

"This will be used in my fish management class."

Rick Bush - Wildlife/Fisheries - Fox Valley Tech College, Appleton, WI

"IGFA staff and visitors to the new IGFA World Center, opening in late 1998, will be enjoying your film about this mysterious and fascinating creature for years to come."

Gail M. Morchower - E.K. Harry Reference Library Of Fishes - FL

"Service employees from across the country contributed interviews and technical assistance in the production of Sturgeon: Ancient Survivors Of The Deep, a one-hour documentary for public television. The show, three years in the making, will be aired throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe over the next two years. It also is available to public libraries and schools."

Mark Dryer, Fisheries - US Fish & Wildlife Service - Bismarck, ND

America’s Crayfish: Crawling In Troubled Waters

"Rarely is a science video as artistically and beautifully produced as this introduction to crayfish."

Best Of Editors’ Choice 2000 — Jan 2001 Issue — BOOKLIST

"This informative presentation explains the importance of crayfish to the ecosystems they inhabit and why biologists are concerned with their future, and should therefore be of special interest to nature lovers, environmentalists, and fishing fans. Recommended. — J. McDaniel

July-August 2000 Issue — VIDEO LIBRARIAN

"Anyone who thinks crustaceans are boring should view this fascinating, exceptionally well crafted, beautifully videotaped introduction to the life cycle of the crayfish." — James Scholtz

July 2001 Issue - BOOKLIST

Lake Sturgeon: Dinosaurs Of The Great Lakes

"A balanced, beautifully filmed, truly informative program, this tape is highly recommended for Great Lakes states libraries, and larger ecological/zoological collections elsewhere. — K. Glase

Three and a half stars - May-June 2001 Issue — VIDEO LIBRARIAN

River Invaders: The Scourge Of Zebra Mussels

"an excellent resource for cross-curriculum units and an informative alert for public library patrons." -- Irene Wood

Dec ‘96 Issue - BOOKLIST

"Libraries in areas affected by zebra mussels will definitely want this video; other systems may want to seriously consider it." Recommended. (J. Carlson)

Three Star Rating - ‘96 Sept-Oct Issue - Video Librarian

"We wish to thank Earthwave Society for supporting our fund raising efforts with the donation of the very useful and informative videotape River Invaders: The Scourge Of Zebra Mussels"

Betty Learmouth, Conference Planning - Federation Of Ontario Naturalists

The Paddlefish: An American Treasure
The Alligator Gar: Predator Or Prey?

"Both Films are extremely entertaining and informative treatments of two species of fish that are intricate parts of our ecosystem."

‘94 May-June Issue - The International Angler

"Both of these videos will make a valuable addition to our library since they cover subjects that are not otherwise readily available on film."

Michael Leech, Pres - International Game Fish Assoc, Pompano Beach, FL.

The Paddlefish: An American Treasure
The Alligator Gar: Predator Or Prey?
Sturgeon: Ancient Survivors Of The Deep

"Each of these videos graciously donated by Betty Wills to the Volunteer dept. have been shown over and over again to the Volunteers, and in turn Volunteers are able to interact with our world wide visitors, and explain, in detail, the life history of each of these unique, ancient fishes."

Chris Schneidau - Aquarium Of The Americas, New Orleans, LA